‘Jarupong’ urges EC to resolve election problems and expresses concern over the shutting down of Bangkok


BANGKOK 3 January 2014 Pheu Thai party leader Jarupong Ruangsuwan is admittedly concerned over the demonstrators’ planned shutdown of Bangkok on January 13, adding that it is the EC’s duty to see the elections through. 

Interior Minister and leader of the Pheu Thai Party Jarupong Ruangsuwan stated that the Election Commission (EC) does, indeed, have the power to postpone the election. However, the Pheu Thai party is ready to move forward with the elections and reminded the EC that elections must take place after parliament dissolution, as stipulated in the constitution.

According to the constitution, elections can be postponed by up to the maximum of 4 days, Mr. Jarupong said.

In regard to the southern provinces that were unable to register their constituency-based candidates, Mr. Jarupong stated the EC must resolve this issue, as they have local provincial governors on hand to help them.

As for the People’s Democratic Reform Committee’s (PDRC) announcement that they would shut down Bangkok on January 13, the Interior Minister said it would be illegal to do so.