Insurgents carry out sneak attack on Army rangers in Yala province


YALA, 7 July 2014  – Five Army rangers in Than To District, Yala Province, were ambushed by a group of insurgents as they were on patrol. One of them suffered minor injuries while another was dead at the scene. Fortunately, three other rangers escaped unharmed.

Inspections found bomb fragments, battery residues from a 9-volt flashlight, and metal scraps scattering on the road under patrol in Than To.

The incident took place in a forested area located around 20 meters away from the roadside. The bomb explosion left a large crater, and the corpse of the dead ranger was found near the crater.

Police speculate that a 5kg improvised bomb was used in the attack and that the insurgents triggered the bomb when the two rangers were close to its explosion range.

Earlier, five Army rangers led by Lance Corporal Narongsak Rokpai, were patrolling the area to protect innocent civilians from violence. The attack left volunteer ranger Donchai Daeng-aree dead and his colleague Chakri Kammee slightly wounded.