Instigators’ banners spread in deep South


SONGKHLA, Feb 7 – Cloth banners were found hanging at seven locations in two districts of Songkhla province and three districts of Yala province in Thailand’s violent-plague deep South.

Songkhla police deputy commander Pol Col Surachet Hakpan today instructed officials to tighten up security measures at four districts connecting three southern border provinces after six cloth banners were discovered early this morning in varied locations in Thepa district and three other locations in Huay Pling sub district and one location in Nathawee district.

Col Surachet said CCTV footage is now being examined by the police in their investigation. The public has been urged to immediately report any irregularities which may lead to violence.

Meanwhile, an investigation has been launched along the Yala-Wang Phaya Road in Yala province after a suspicious box was found on the roof with cloth banners bearing an inscription in the Melayu alphabet in red and blue with a message about the troubled region.

Other banners and boxes were discovered at other two locations; on a bridge entering Yala-Pattani Road 418 and at the entrance of Tungyamu Temple. Police said the suspicious boxes are only empty powder containers.

There was also a report of cloth banners and suspicious boxes in Ban Pulai in Raman district and at two locations in Krong Pinang district. Police believed it was the work of insurgents after a villager was shot dead, with two others injured at Yaha district last night.