Industry Ministry orders BISCO to temporary suspend operations


BANGKOK, June 27 —  The Industry Ministry has ordered the Bangpoo Intermodal Systems Co, Ltd (BISCO) to halt all of its operations until its factory was certified for structural safety.

Industry Permanent Secretary Witoon Simachokedee visited the fire-ravaged factory to inspect the damages, during which he also ordered to temporarily shut down the factory.

He has ordered that the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) implement article 39 under the Factory Act to stop all of BISCO’s operations for the time being, until the company was able to provide proof, in the form of certification provided by a third party and the IEAT under a 24-hour inspection, in order to clarify that its building structures were safe.

Also, the IEAT has been providing assistance to local communities in the area and supplying around 500 sets of face masks and eye drops.

In the latest announcement issued by the Bangpoo Industrial Estate regarding the fire that broke out at one of BISCO’s warehouses earlier this morning, firefighters were now able to put some of the blaze under control, though thick smoke remained surrounding the area.

Officials believe they would be able to douse the strong inferno by day’s end.

As primary precautions, Pollution Control authorities have asked local residents to wear face masks for protection against smoke and fumes.

They have warned been that if any irritations occur on the skin, affected persons should wash the infected area with running water, after which they should immediately seek medical assistance, as there could be chemical substances contaminating the air in the area.

A heavy fire broke out at the Bangpoo Industrial Estate in Bangkok’s neighbouring Samut Prakan Province Friday morning, with no casualties reported, but damages have been initially estimated at about one billion baht.