Husband, wife killed in shootings, arson in Bannang Sata


YALA, Feb 23 – A husband and wife were killed in Bannang Sata district, as local authorities investigated the crime scene this morning.

Gunmen commenced shootings and burnt down two houses of villagers in the district causing the death of the couple, ages 66 and 60 years old, and three other cars were torched.

The deceased were shot in their heads and bodies. Over 50 ammo casings from an M16 were found at the scene and collected as evidence.

One of the targeted homes belonged to the victim’s cousin where the gunmen also continued firing over 20 rounds and committed arson. No one was injured.  ‎

The ill-intentioned culprits fled and scattered nails along their escape route.

Authorities are investigating whether the acts were due to personal conflicts or related to the Southern insurgency.