Heavy rain warning throughout Thailand for the next month


BANGKOK, 15 August 2014  – The Thai Meteorological Department is asking for people to stay aware about the weather forecast in order to be prepared for the upcoming heavy rain expected in many areas of Thailand, although so far, the total this year’s rainfall is less than last year.

The deputy director of the Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) said that from 16th August to the end of the month, Thailand will have an abundance of rain and the heavy rain may even causing flash floods in some areas with strong winds and waves in Andaman Sea and Thai Gulf.

People are advised to follow the weather forecast closely since Thailand will have rains continuously until the middle of October, although it will subside, starting in the winter when there is less rainfall.

It is forecast that this year’s temperature will be lower than last year in the winter. The total rainfall average this year is below normal and the water level is deficient in some areas.

So far, major floods have not occurred except for drainage floods in some areas such as lowlands, and flood beds.