Haze returns to Thai North


LAMPANG, Jan 28 – Thailand’s upper northern provinces have been blanketed by a thick haze for the past two days but the smog has yet to exceed the safety limits.

Haze in Lampang province this morning was recorded at 129 microgrammes per cubic metre. Lampang provincial disaster response chief Tiwa Panmaisri explained that the smog situation is turning critical as a result of open air burning activities, adding that the smog can be clearly seen over a 10-kilometre distance.

As of Tuesday, temperatures nationwide increased 1-2 degrees Celsius, though thick fog is still visible in many areas, with cool breezes lingering in the morning, according to a report by the Meteorological Department.

Bangkok is seeing rising temperature, with the minimum temperature forecast at 21-22 degree Celsius and the maximum temperature at 32-33 degrees Celsius.