Govt. holds event to educate public on mental illness


Bangkok – The Department of Mental Health has held an event to educate the general public on mental illnesses, as well as to hand out awards to exemplary fathers who dedicated themselves to caring for family members with the disease.

The event was organized by the Thai Family Link Association and the Caregivers Alliance of Thailand. The awards were handed out by Deputy Director-General of the Department of Mental Health Dr Pongkasem Khaimoo.

The event made known that mental illnesses can be dealt with if addressed at an early stage and treated with medication on a consistent basis. People with mental illnesses can integrate into society, but must be careful of the side effects of reducing or ceasing their medication, in addition to drug and alcohol abuse. At the same time, communities and families should consult a mental health physician if they notice a family member with abnormal behavior, such as insomnia, edginess, aggression, or fear.

Those wishing to consult a psychiatrist can call the 24-hour hotline 1323.