Gen.Prayuth: Junta will not stay long


BANGKOK, 23 May 2014  – Head of the National Peace and Order Maintaining Council (NPOMC) Gen.Prayuth Chan-ocha informs foreign envoys that the council will not be in power for long and will help reform Thailand. 

Gen.Prayuth on Friday invited ambassadors and representatives of international organizations in Thailand to a meeting to explain the army’s reasons to seize power from the government on 22 May. The army chief said a coup was necessary since there was no solution to the political conflicts and Thailand was unable to move forward. The army had decided to step in in an effort to administer the country and take care of pressing problems such as the rice pledging scheme.

The council performed government duties but did not intend to stay long, Gen.Prayuth reiterated.

Asked for how long the council would be in power, the NPOMC head said it depended on how long the conflicts would take before they were resolved. Gen.Prayuth confirmed international obligations would continue as normal and ensured security for foreigners in Thailand.

A reform council and the National Legislative Assembly would be set up simultaneously, the army chief said.