General Udomdej visits the South, voices opinion on the U.S. TIP report


BANGKOK, 29 July 2015, – Army Chief General Udomdej Sitabutr spoke to the media before visiting the troops in the South of Thailand this morning, saying that the Army and security related units would continue to follow the government’s strict anti-human trafficking regulations. The commitment was made even as the U.S. decided to maintain Thailand on Tier 3 in its human trafficking report.

General Udomdej is confident that Thailand will improve its eradication of human trafficking rating in the next round of evaluations, as the responsible agencies are doing their best to address the issue.

The Army Chief is scheduled to inspect the troops’ performance in today’s visit to the southern region, providing them with moral support. He would then hand back schools damaged in violent incidents, subsequently repaired under the supervision of the military on behalf of the community.

According to General Udomdej, the number of incidents in July has decreased when compared to the same period last year.