Gambling Den in Chachoengsao raided


CHACHOENGSAO, 30 May 2014,  – Chachoengsao Provincial military, administrative officers and police have raided a gambling den in the area, in accordance with an official instruction of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) that forbids any kind of gambling.

The combined force conducted a search of a residence in the Namuang Sub-district of the province’s Muang District after receiving a report of an illegal activity. The force found gambling equipment but the gamblers were able to escape.

According to an interrogation of a man suspected of having an involvement in the operation, the den belonged to an unknown local politician who rented the venue to open a restaurant as a front, while running an illegal operation behind the scenes. The officials confiscated gambling equipment while examining a CCTV camera installed in the establishment in their attempt to identify the owner of the gambling den.

The military urged the public to strictly uphold the NCPO’s instruction, stressing that the authority is serious about eradicating gambling, narcotics, and arms dealing.

The officials also admitted Chachoengsao Province has several gambling dens operating under the wing of local politicians and influential figures.