Free ferry service from Hua Hin to Pattaya available in January


BANGKOK – The Ministry of Transport will allow tourists to ride a ferry boat between Pattaya and Hua Hin for free as a New Year gift.


The Marine Department will carry out a test run of the ferry from December 30th to 31st to ensure its safety and the readiness of the piers and other facilities. The ferry service will be available to passengers for free from January 1st to 15th. It will start collecting 1,250 baht from each passenger when it is officially open to the public after the period.

Two ferry services will be available per day. The first one will leave Hua Hin from 8.30 am on a 113-kilometer journey and will take approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach Pattaya. The second trip will leave Pattaya at 3.30 pm for Hua Hin. The ferry can carry a maximum of 150 passengers per trip.

In its initial phase, there will be only one ferry whereas the second ferry will be added to the service in March 2017. The total capacity of the to-be-added ferry is 260 passengers.

  • psychout

    Can we get some more information on the free service. For example, will passengers have to sign up in advance or will it be a first come first serve type thing?

    • Steve Ogilvie

      I’m guessing it’s going to be first come first served, I wouldn’t of thought the officials would go out of the way to take bookings for a free service. I’m going to try and get on the 1st run,my guess is too many tourists will be hungover from News Years Eve celebrations to face travelling on a boat that could possibly make them feel worse, hope my line of thought helps