Four announcements made in government gazette to better prepare for Ebola cases


BANGKOK, 14 August 2014  – The Ministry of Public Health has issued four announcements in the government gazette that are aimed at preventing any spread of Ebola in Thailand. 

Ministry permanent secretary, Dr. Narong Sahamethaphat, explained that the four announcements included the announcement making Ebola a hazardous disease, the announcement that any patient with Ebola must lodge a report to police, the announcement that Ebola is a contagious disease, and the announcement that Ebola source countries constituted risky areas.

The four announcements have already taken effect, after they were listed on the government gazette on Wednesday. According to Dr. Narong, the initiative will allow for better screening of those infected, as well as better curbing of the deadly disease, in the event of detection.

Health officials have kept an eye on 79 foreigners who arrived from Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia and Nigeria for the virus. So far, there have been no reports of any suspicious symptoms or any signs of any of them harboring the disease.