Former Social Development Minister denies neglect of duty


Bangkok – Pol. Gen Adul Saengsinghkaew has assured the public that he did not neglect allegations of malfeasance within the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security pertaining to its welfare program, during his time as minister.

Current Minister of Labor, Pol Gen Adul Saengsinghkaew has responded to claims that during his time as Minister of Social Development and Human Security he failed to act on a report by the Office of the Ombudsman indicating irregularities in payments made through the office’s welfare scheme.

Pol Gen Adul acknowledged that the report was forwarded to him twice, in early and late August 2017, but explained that the one page document only outlined suspicions of minor graft with no further details or identification of suspects. He said the document resembled frequently received complaints and said that he forwarded it to his Permanent Secretary at the time, Maitree Intusut, who carried out a seven day fact-finding mission, which uncovered corrupt officials and resulted in punishments being meted out in October 2017.

On Director of the Social Development and Welfare Department Putipat Lertchaosit, being implicated in the matter but still being made a Permanent Secretary, Pol Gen Adul explained that the promotion took place in July, well before any reports of misconduct were made and that the decision was appropriate at the time. The minister stated he is confident that he worked with transparency and without neglect.