Foreigners commend Thailand’s stability, hospitality


BANGKOK, Jan 31 – Almost all foreign visitors to Thailand say they will revisit the country and the majority are impressed with the Thai people’s hospitality and helpfulness, according to a university survey.

The ABAC poll, conducted by a research centre at Assumption University, surveyed 969 foreigners in Thailand between Jan 15-30. Among them, 56.2 per cent were tourists, 32.3 per cent business people and 21.7 per cent investors.

The respondents said they appreciated Thai people’s hospitality and helpfulness (7.11 points), followed by Thai culture (6.99 points), tourist attractions (6.89 points), environment (6.76 points) and labour accessibility (6.47 points).

Asked if they will revisit Thailand, 97.1 per cent said they will and will recommend that others from their countries visit the kingdom.

Regarding Thailand’s political situation and the resolutions of political conflict, one-third (37.4 per cent) of the respondents said the principle of democracy should be respected while 28.6 per cent suggested that harmony will contribute to political resolutions, 17.6 per cent called for transparency and a crackdown on corruption, 8.8 per cent recommended a change of government and 7.6 per cent advocated amending the constitution.

Noppadol Kannika, ABAC Poll director, said the survey results are a positive signal for Thailand which received poor feedback from both the Thai public and foreign visitors in several previous polls.