Foreigner assassinated in broad daylight


Residents by lake Maprachan were shocked on Tuesday the 24th of January as they learnt that a British National had been fatally shot at 10am in the morning.


Police have release CCTV footage which shows the deceased 39 year old Mr Tony Kenway crossing a car park of a local gym and getting into his car. At the same time a man who is believed to be Thai walked up behind Mr Kenway, opened his car door and shoots him twice through the head at point blank range.

The assailant calmly walked away and gets on the back of a motorbike that was waiting nearby which had the registration number 7992

Pattaya police were quick on the scene and are gathering evidence to hunt down the killer and look for the motive of this deadly crime.

  • Quis Separabit

    Obviously a targeted hit, no robbery and quite well executed. Drugs?

    • Dirk Disco

      Nope. Look at his Thai wife and her family. I would bet my last bhat on it.

      • Pseudolus

        ahh you’d be wrong then. Boiler room con man turned local drug king pin. Only a matter of time before his career was terminated.

        • Dirk Disco

          I stand corrected. Here’s my last bhat, go buy something nice.

          • tim Hamilton

            Sent via a BURRO? Ain’t seen a thing 🙂 Plus an apology to his Thai wife via this paper

        • tim Hamilton

          ran out of time then