Foreign Affairs holds an event to celebrate 47 year of ASEAN


BANGKOK, 8 August 2014 — The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has held an event celebrating the 47th year of the ASEAN foundation.

Diplomats from ASEAN countries have been invited to the event held today at the ministry. Teachers and students from 100 schools nationwide have also joined in activities such as ASEAN Quiz National Competition and singing of the official theme song of ASEAN.

There is also an exhibition on various aspects of ASEAN and a seminar hosted by Mr Phaen Wannamethee and Surin Pitsuwan, the former ASEAN secretary generals.

According to Pasphon Sanghasuban, the Deputy Director- General of the Department of ASEAN, Thailand is ready for the integration into ASEAN. Currently, the country has accomplished more than 80% of the tasks required before the formation of ASEAN.