Floods continue in many northern Thai provinces


CHIANG MAI, Sept 2 —  Flooding remains in many provinces in Thailand’s North including Chiang Mai and Lampang while post-flood rehabilitation has yet to start in Chiang Rai province.

In Lampang, Ban Mae Kong Nua and Ban Mae Tam Tai villages in Ban Pao sub-district of the provincial seat were 30-100 centimeters under water due to heavy rains last night. Floodwater wiped out villagers’ belongings and poultry.

In Chiang Mai, heavy rains last night flooded Chiang Mai municipality.

Local workers are pumping floodwater out of the provincial seat while local authorities warned of more flooding as widespread rains are predicted to continue there until Sunday.

Flood-prone areas are identified as Mae On, Doi Saket, Samoeng, Fang, Mae Ai, Chai Prakan, Chiang Dao, Omkoi and Mae Chaem districts.

In Chiang Rai, Wichai Jirachatmongkol, Phaya Mengrai district chief, said that damage caused by floods in Ban Mai Suksan village of Tadkhwan sub-district last week was the worst in 50 years.

Homes, school buildings, roads and tap water and electricity systems were substantially damaged. The authorities said that rehabilitation will follow the damage surveys.

Chiang Rai authorities reported that from last Friday floods affected 2,500 families in ten districts and killed two people.