Five soldiers killed in Yala presumed insurgent attack


YALA, Feb 10 – Five soldiers were killed and another one wounded in a bombing and shooting attack in the violence plagued province of Yala.

A group of soldiers were driving a personnel carrier on Sai Thathong-Wangphraya road when a 50-kilogramme bomb hidden in a pick-up truck exploded. After the bombing, at least ten assailants disguised as officials opened fire at the soldiers, killing one officer, four privates. One surviving soldier was wounded.

The police presumed that the attack was carried out by a group of insurgents–led by Abdulrorhing Dahisor and Abdulrormae Jeteh–active in Yala’s Raman district and Pattani’s Mayo district.

The pick-up truck used in the car bomb belonged to Somsak Kwanma, a teacher in Baan Bangoy. The teacher’s pickup truck was reported stolen in mid December last year.