Fear of lead poisoning spreads in Kalasin


KALASIN, 22 May 2014  – Locals in Khok Sa-ard Sub-district, Khongchai District, are facing the spread of lead poisoning.

Majority of the locals in the 12 villages of Khok Sa-ard are working as waste segregators as the Sub-district has designated a large zone as landfill for electronics waste. However, the landfill lacks a proper management systems and means to prevent the locals from coming into direct contact with electronic trash and inhaling sulphur in the waste.

Random examinations showed 3 out of 89 residents and 21 of 129 small children have lead in their bloodstream.

Khongchai officials revealed the sub-district is loaded with more than 2,000 tons of electronic waste each month, posing serious threats of lead poisoning to the locals. Despite the officials’ efforts to get rid of the waste, the risk remains high with a large amount of electronic trash being inappropriately disposed, leaving the residents vulnerable to the toxic smoke.

The locals are imploring the administration to install a proper landfill and trash incinerating system to eradicate the problem.