Farmers in 3 provinces continue to block roads


BANGKOK, 2 February 2014, – Farmers in 3 provinces of Ratchaburi, Petchaburi, and Samut Songkram are still closing off traffic in both directions of Rama 2 Road at Wang Manao Junction. 

The incident started since yesterday (1 February 2014) at 10 am until now. They have vowed to continue the blockade until an answer on the date for their rice repayment is given, resulting in heavy traffic congestion in the area.

Ms.Nampueng Duangpol, farmer from Paktor District, Ratchburi Province said that around 400 – 500 farmers from the 3 provinces who are facing hardship have come out to block the roads and demand the government to settle the repayment of rice from the rice pledging scheme as they are suffering from paying up the loan to banks, shortfalls of money to pay for school fees of their children and other debts.

In addition, they now do not have any fund to start off the next rice planting season. They vow to continue blocking the roads until acceptable answer is given.