Experts anxiously await birth of new baby panda


BANGKOK, 17 January 2014  A team of panda research experts are anxiously awaiting the birth of panda Lin Hui’s new born baby. 

After 109 days of pregnancy, Chiang Mai Zoo’s head veterinarian Dr. Boripat Siriaroonrat stated that he hopes to see the panda finally give birth. Lin Hui, he stated, has shown signs of a pregnant panda, such as long sleeping hours and frequent licking of its genitalia.

Dr. Boripat further stated that the panda’s breasts are enlarged and have shown some milk discharge, which is a good sign for a healthy bearing mother. The team was also informed by their American counterparts that the panda in a U.S. zoo also showed no signs of an embryo, similar to Lin Hui’s situation now, until it was very near the time the animal went into labor.

Another ultrasound test will be conducted on Lin Hui during January 25-26 to determine the state of the pregnancy, which should determine whether or not the baby is healthy.