Evacuation of Thais from Libya continues


BANGKOK, Aug 5 – More Thai people were evacuated from Libya in the past two days, and the Thai embassy in Tripoli remains manned, able to meet the demands imposed by the situation.

Kittiphong na Ranong, Thai ambassador to Libya, said that yesterday, 92 Thais were evacuated from Libya and as of yesterday 111 Thais had the country.

Thai officials are waiting evacuation confirmations from 44 other Thais, including three students.

The ambassador also said that 69 Thais were scheduled to leave Libya today and 183 others would leave tomorrow. The evacuation will depend on situations and safety.

Mr Kittiphong confirmed that a mortar or artillery shell had fallen near the embassy on Saturday.

However, he said that the embassy was not located near any armed group, so it faced lower risks.

About five officials remained at the embassy with full ability to help Thais in Libya, he said.