EGAT: Dams have capacity to handle water in monsoon season


BANGKOK, 3 July 2012  – Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) said it has reserved space in dams for the water expected in the monsoon season, and will be monitoring the situation at all times.

Assistant Governor of EGAT’s Hydro Power Plant Kitti Tancharoen(กิตติ ตันเจริญ) revealed that the levels of water in the dams are lower than those of the same period last year. Since last month, the Bhumiphol and the Sirikit Dams have not had a lot of water entering the reservoirs; however, the Sirikit Dam could be at risk if the amount of water is as much this year as it was in 2011, 1995, and 1975, the years the country saw the three worst floods in its history.

In order to reduce the risk of having to release an enormous amount of water during the months of August to October, the EGAT has drawn up a plan for the water level management at the Sirikit Dam, under which 28 million cubic meters of water was released per day in June; the amount discharged will be down to 22 million cubic meters per day from 1-7 July 2012

As for the Bhumiphol Dam, the water level is considered safe, so the Egat is continuing with its discharging of 8-12 million cubic meters per day until further notice.