Efforts to reorganize pavement areas in Bangkok continue


BANGKOK, 14 July 2014,  – Vendors in Klong Lord have complied with the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO)’s recent policy to reorganize sidewalks in the capital, by refraining from setting stalls in the prohibited areas. However, the new codes have been ignored by street sellers around the Jatujak weekend market.

Vendors in the Jatujak weekend market’s vicinity reportedly continue setting their stalls on the footpaths in the area, forcing pedestrians to walk on the road, despite the NCPO’s order. According to reports, the majority of the pedestrians agree with the NCPO’s policies to reorganize the pavement areas, returning the walkways to the residents. They said vendors should operate in allocated areas only and pavement should only be used by pedestrians.

Meanwhile, only one authorized street vendor can be seen in Klong Lord, the area behind the Supreme Court on Ratchadamnoen Road, after the NCPO’s policy has been implemented. The locals said the new regulations have created a better environment for all. However, officials should find some areas nearby for vendors to set up their stalls as the areas set aside at present are too far.

Currently, vendors from Klong Lord are allowed to set up their stalls at Jatujak 2 and Sanam Luang 2, the areas in front of Bon Marche and Ratchaburana markets.