ECT insisted that after closing ballot boxes vote counting must be done at the polling stations but the results will not be officially announced


BANGKOK, 2 February 2014 –Mr. Puchong Nuttarawong, Secretary-General of the ECT has announced that after the closing of ballot boxes at 15.00, the Committee of the Polling Station must count votes at the polling station to total the number of voters, valid ballots, voided ballots and the result of voting, post the results in front of the polling station and make an MP31 document to send to the constituency.

The Secretary-General of the ECT said that polling stations across the country today, wouldn’t total the votes or announce the election result as this would be against the 2007 Organic Act on the Election of MPs and Senators Acquisition Act and the regulations of the ECT.

The total score and the announcement of the election result must await the collation of results of advance polling, being made available on February 23rd, including those from outside the Kingdom.