EC keen on issuing new election decree


The Election Commission is adamant to issue a new royal decree for the general election at an earliest date possible, and it is convening a meeting with high-ranking military officers to discuss the maintaining of peace and order during the election. 

EC secretary-general Puchong Nutrawong said that the EC would meet with military top brass on April 8th to discuss security matters during the new general election. And afterwards, the EC will convene a meeting with political party leaders on the possibility of the election.

According to the EC secretary-general, all the preparations for the election re-run should be finished within a 60-day period, adding that if political uncertainty worsened in the near future, the preparations could take up to 90-150 days.

He however asserted that election commissioners were keen to have a new election decree issued as soon as possible.

As for a complaint against Yaowapa Wongsawat that accused her of transporting people to vote for her in the Constituency 3 by-election in 2012, the EC voted to dismiss the complaint against Yaowapa, an older sister of PM Yingluck Shinawatra, due to lack of evidence.