DSI to issue court summonses for PDRC core leaders


BANGKOK 6 January 2014 The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) will today issue summonses for the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) core leaders to hear charges against them. 

According to Director General of the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) Tharit Pengdit, court summonses will be issued to for the third group of the PDRC to hear charges brought against them under Articles 116 and 215 of the Criminal Code, which falls under the crime of instigating unrest within society and encouraging the public to violate the law.

Moreover, the DSI will also consider whether or not it is acceptable for the previous group of the PRDC core leaders to appoint representatives to hear charges brought against them, citing ongoing protest duties as an excuse not to appear at the DSI.

The DSI will also take into consideration the PDRC’s planned shutdown of Bangkok on January 13.