DSI holds special course on how to treat human trafficking victims


BANGKOK, 11 June 2014, – In a bid to show the international community Thailand’s efforts to eradicate the issue of human trafficking, The Department of Special Investigation is holding a class for officials on how to treat victims of the crime. 

Acting Director-General of the Department of Special Investigation (DSI), Police General Chatchawan Suksomjit, said the campaign is a joint project of the UNODC and the DSI, saying victim treatment is part of the department’s ongoing efforts to eliminate human trafficking problems in Thailand.

Participants would learn how to provide proper care for traumatized victims in line with the international practice, which may help officials bringing traffickers to justice.

Currently, human trafficking rings use Thailand as their origin, passage way, and destination.

According to him, for over 4 years, the United States has put the kingdom under its category 2 watchlist, meaning Thailand is trying to address the issue with little success. If the issue is left unattended, the U.S. may decide to downgrade the nation to category 3, which indicates that Thailand is neglecting the problem. The move will undoubtedly affect the nation’s economic affairs with the U.S.

He added that the department would deploy strict measures and report its progress to the U.S., in order to show the kingdom’s sincerity in eradicating the issue.