DPM Plodprasop: Govt to build more large-scale dams to manage water supply


BANGKOK, 10 FEBRUARY 2013  Deputy Prime Minister Plodprasop Suraswadi has revealed that a number of large dams and reservoirs will be constructed in various parts of the country, in an effort to help the government efficiently manage water supply and prevent future flood problems.

During the weekly “the Yingluck Government Meets the People” TV program, Deputy Prime Minister Plodprasop, in his capacity as Chairman of the Water and Flood Management Commission, said that the government will be building 16 new reservoirs and 3 new dams, as parts of the commission’s conceptual plan for a sustainable water resource and flood management system.

Mr. Plodprasop stated that the planned construction will include Mae Kuong, Mae Wong and Kaeng Sua Ten dams.

The Deputy PM elaborated that six out of eight group companies have been selected for the project, based on the proposed construction cost and project timeframe.

He added that the signing of the contracts is expected in April, while parts of the planned construction are scheduled to be dome within a year before the complete finish in five years.

While nothing that the construction plan represents a large investment that comes with hurdles, Mr. Plodprasop stated that only cooperation and sacrifice from all parties will help make everything possible.

Concerning some opposition from NGOs, the Deputy Prime Minister stressed that the government will always listen to all opinions and suggestions and affirmed that all the dam and reservoir construction is initiated to help manage water and never intended for tourism, agricultural or power generation purposes.