Dept of Airports launches 10-year plan to increase air traffic capacity


Bangkok – The Department of Airports has launched a 10-year plan to increase the capacity of its airports, following anticipation of tourism growth as well as the lifting of restrictions imposed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The tourism industry in 2017 is expected to have attracted no less than 35 million foreign tourists, bringing in approximately 2.76 trillion baht. Meanwhile, the ICAO has lifted its red flag on Thailand’s civil aviation industry.

Various airlines, especially low-cost airlines, have expressed a desire to begin regional services under the supervision of the Department of Airports. As a result, the department is moving forward with a 10-year plan to invest 38 billion baht to increase the annual capacity of 28 airports to 30 million passengers in 2025 and 58 million by 2035.

The department’s goals include expanding air access, accommodating increased traffic, adhering to international standards, and effective governance, in order to make Thailand an aviation hub of the region.