Democrat-led protesters to not escalate demonstration


BANGKOK, 15 November 2013 Former Democrat MP for Bangkok Ekkanat Promphan has announced that the Democrat-led demonstration on Ratchadamnoen Avenue will not be escalated but will continue in pursuit of the government’s removal of the amnesty bill. 

Mr. Ekkanat stated that there will be no attempts to escalate the current demonstration at the Democracy Monument, nor any movement against the amendment bill on Section 190 of the Constitution which was recently passed by the House of Representatives and is awaiting the Constitutional Court’s deliberation on its legitimacy.

The group plans to focus on protesting against the government for not completely removing the amnesty bill, leaving it to be reconsidered by the House of Representatives 180 days after the Senate’s rejection. Mr. Ekkanat claimed that the demonstrators wish to have the amnesty bill scrapped before the 180-day period is over.

Despite the smaller number of participants reported during the day, the protest leaders expect more people to come out to join the demonstration from today onwards.