Democrat leader Abhisit looks forward to political vacuum


BANGKOK, April 15 – Democrat leader Abhisit Vejjajiva said today that proposed resolutions to the months-long political crisis cannot begin unless Thailand is a state of political vacuum.

He was referring to a group of older Thai citizens who called on Privy Council President Prem Tinsulanond to seek a royal command to resolve the political impasse and a proposal by caretaker Justice Minister Chaikasem Nitisiri for His Majesty the King to exercise his power under Section 7 of the Constitution in case the political turmoil evolves to the stage of being a political vacuum.

Mr Abhisit said Thailand has to reach the situation when the caretaker prime minister is removed before a dialogue from all related factions could start.

However, he would not comment on whether he agreed with such a process.

The former prime minister reiterated the Democrat Party’s readiness to participate in a dialogue among political parties on preparations for the next general election, initiated by the Election Commission (EC) and scheduled for next Tuesday.

He urged the ruling Pheu Thai Party to assign a fully-authorised person to join the meeting.

Noppadol Pattama, a Pheu Thai executive, gave assurances that his party would definitely assign a representative with decision-making power to attend the EC-initiated meeting and the party would not set any preconditions whatsoever.

The Pheu Thai Party will not argue the Democrats’ demand for a live broadcast of the forum, bearing in mind that the best solutions to the political conflict is a fair and clean election, he said.

Referring to the proposals by respected older Thai citizens and caretaker Justice Minister Chaikasem on resolutions for Thailand, Mr Noppadol said everyone has rights to propose but any group of people or political parties should not set conditions or act against attempt to resolve the country’s crisis.

“An attempt with the objective to win but ignoring the rules or the feeling of 65 million people is equivalent to tearing the social contract of co-existence – an act which will contribute to endless conflict,” he said.