DDPM prepares to dole out measures to tackle drought


BANGKOK, 17 April 2014  – The Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department (DDPM) is set to implement new measures to tackle the drought crisis following reports that more than half of the country faces water shortages. 

The DDPM said since drought was reported in Thailand during October of last year, 41 provinces have been declared drought disaster zones. Northern Thailand continues to be the region most affected by the disaster, with 13 provinces facing critical condition. Some provinces in other regions plagued by drought include Surin, Chainat, Trat, and Krabi.

The department is surveying damages in each part and keeping an eye on water levels at the country’s major dams. Water zones have also been established so that provincial authorities can manage and distribute water to areas struck by drought. At this point, the DDPM’s priority is to ensure adequate water supplies for all areas.

Those affected by the crisis can contact the department for further assistance at the hotline 1784 around the clock.