Court to rule on Election Commission’s power to postpone snap poll


BANGKOK, Jan 23 – The Constitution Court will decide tomorrow on whether the Election Commission (EC) or the government holds the legal authority to reschedule the general election, set for Feb 2.  

Court judges unanimously agreed today to take into consideration the EC’s request for the court to rule on the matter.

The EC explained in its petition that the registration of party-list and constituency candidates had been blocked by protesters, resulting in clashes in which a number of persons were killed or injured.

The elections agency said it has proposed to the Cabinet secretariat to postpone the election but was told that the election date was set and that it was the EC’s duty to ensure an election would be held as scheduled.

The EC said it was informed by election officials in several provinces about disruptions of election registrations in many constituencies, and later proposed to the prime minister to reschedule the polling date to enable all political parties to jointly find a peaceful resolution.

The prime minister, however, insisted in her interview with the media that neither she nor the EC was empowered by the law to delay the election, said the EC in its petition to the Constitution Court.