Controls set for internet games shops during school break


BANGKOK, 25 March 2015 Mr. Chai Nakornchai, Director of the Department of Cultural Promotion, reports that the department is setting guidelines to closely monitor and control, the internet game playing behavior of children during school breaks. He says that there have been complaints about addiction to games, and internet social media abuse. The behavior also mirrored the immaturity of school children and their reluctance to use media properly. He had asked for co-operation from internet business owners to watch the children’s internet consumption.

The department has also set up a cultural center to be a place where children can enjoy a variety of activities such as cooking, dancing, painting, and Thai boxing. The activities center will be operating from 1pm to 5 pm, Thursday to Sunday. The center can hold up to 2000 people.The department hopes to continue the project to help the children spend their free time more rewardingly.