Constitutional Court President brushes aside possibility of the court being abolished


BANGKOK, 29 March 2012 -Constitutional Court President Wasan Soypisudh believes his court won’t be abolished, saying there must be a mechanism to review constitutionality of laws already in force as well bills and draft rules so as to prevent contrariness and inconsistencies with the Constitution. 

Speaking at a seminar to mark the 14th anniversary of the Constitutional Court, Mr. Wasan said the priority task of the court is not to give rulings on political cases, but rather to provide a thorough review of the laws to ensure they are in compliance with the Constitution. However, court rulings pertaining to qualifications of politicians usually received great public attention.

He stressed that in the current political conflicts, the Constitutional Court must remain impartial. Mr. Wasan added that judges working for the court are not biased against any individuals.

He strongly believed that the Constitutional Court will remain in operation due to its essential tasks although court officials can be replaced.