Coastal erosion remains critical in Thailand


BANGKOK, July 28 — Thailand’s coastal erosion problem is considered severe in 44 locations in 19 provinces along the Gulf of Thailand, with the destruction resulting from both natural and manmade causes.

The Department of Marine and Coastal Resources reports that the erosion occurred along 830 kilometers of Thai coasts and that account for 26 per cent of all the country’s coasts.

The problem occurs mainly along the Gulf of Thailand, over a distance of 730 kilometres.

Severe and quick erosion happens in 44 locations in 19 provinces with a combined seaside distance of 169 kilometres.

The main causes are nature and human interaction with the environment, especially construction of large-scale projects, coastal tourism and rampant encroachment on mangrove forests.

The department was working out solutions to protect the Chanthaburi coast at the Laem Sing River estuary in Laem Sing district.

It was studying coastal ecosystems as well as sand, rock and mud beaches, assessing environmental impacts and allowing local people to have their say in providing solutions so that they would be friendly to local communities.