CMPO warns people against providing support to PDRC


BANGKOK, 7 February 2014 The Center for Maintaining Peace and Order (CMPO) has warned the public against providing support to the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) as doing so could entail legal violations. In the meantime, the CMPO’s list of those providing funds to the PDRC has grown to include one hundred and thirty-six names. 

The Department of Special Investigations Director-General Tharit Phengdit, in his capacity as a CMPO committee member, declared on Thursday that there were another thirty-nine PDRC leaders that the CMPO was seeking arrest warrants for, in addition to the nineteen leaders whose warrants have already been issued. The fifty-eight alleged supporters were considered to have committed severe offenses under the Emergency Executive Decree.

Mr. Tharit advised people to stop providing funds, food, vehicles, or equipment to the PDRC and to refrain from going on stage to make speeches, as all such conduct is considered an offense under the law.

He added that the one hundred and thirty-six individuals providing the aforementioned means of support to the PDRC will have their financial accounts frozen and they will be called in to explain their actions.