Chula Uni unveils aphrodisiac herbal medicine


BANGKOK, 19 June 2014, – Chulalongkorn University has announced the results of medical research on an aphrodisiac herbal medicine that does not create side effects in users.

The revelation was made by Pharmacist Phon-Anong Aramwit of the Department of Pharmacy Practice, Faculty of Pharmacy Science, who told the media that her research took three and a half years to develop.

She said in order to eliminate side effects, the aphrodisiac medicine contains only non-synthetic ingredients. The medicine consists mostly of blood stimulating herbs such as Black Galingale, Agaonema tenuipes Engl (Wankhanmak), Chive seeds, Safflower, and honey.

In tests, subjects with low to medium sex drive have shown significant improvement after taking the medicine, without exhibiting any side effects, unlike the popular Viagra. The enhancement provided by the herbal medicine lasts 3-4 hours, unlike Viagra which can remain in the human system for as long as 72 hours.