Chiang Rai military officials receive morale boosts for their quake relief efforts


CHIANG RAI, 14 July 2014,  – The President of the 3rd Region Army Wives Association has led a group of its members to provide morale support to military officials who have been busy rebuilding areas in Chiang Rai damaged by the quake nearly two months ago.

The Army wives Association members, led by Ms. Phongphan Chan-Ocha, yesterday visited Maharat Military Camp in Muang District, Chiangrai, where they handed out necessities to soldiers helping out victims of the May quake in the area.

The military and the Office of the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department have recently set up a quake relief center at a local school in Maelao District.

Officials have also been helping the locals removing remnants of damaged buildings, moving residents’ belongings, and improving the environment in 12 areas around communities and temples. They have also provided assistance in moving patients from damaged hospitals to temporary quarters, organizing mobile medical services, helping victims suffering from post-quake mental health trauma, and handing out daily essential items.