Chiang Mai smog deteriorates


CHIANG MAI, 14 March 2014 The smog situation in Chiang Mai has been critical for the fourth day, affecting health of the locals and tourism of the province. 

A lot of foreign tourists, especially those in the Mueang district, in Chiang Mai have been reportedly disturbed by the worsening smog. The latest amounts of PM10 have been measured at 125 micrograms/cubic meter at the Chiang Mai City Hall and 120 micrograms/cubic meter at Yupharat Withayalai School. The two PM1o levels have health impacts on human health.

Meanwhile, authorities have found that burning in the forests south of the city area has taken place continuously with 70 hot spots found on 12 March 2014—most of them were in reserved forest areas. More than 3,400 Rai of land have been burned and over 1,000 people have been treated for respiratory diseases.

Director of the Protected Areas Regional Office 16 Thanya Nethithamkul said burning in protected and reserved areas had been continuously increased, especially in Chiang Mai’s southern districts. The burning had caused cumulative smog in the city area and seriously affected the locals. The director therefore called on all sectors to urgently campaign against and prevent burning activities in the province.