Chiang Mai makes preparations for 2018’s haze hazards


Chiang Mai – Chiang Mai province is making preparations to prevent and mitigate possible haze hazards during next year’s dry season.

Provincial Governor of Chiang Mai, Pawin Chamniprasart, attended a meeting Wednesday on the natural disaster prevention and mitigation with officials of related government agencies, the military, and 22 other provinces.

According to the Ministry of Interior, 69 provinces have been declared as forest fire hazardous areas for which authorities are yet to prepare necessary measures, including carrying out necessary drills and preparations, and studying previous operations in order to improve the performances.

Provincial authorities have been instructed to adhere to the integrated protocols in different areas such as forest reserves, farmland, residential and urban areas, and roadside areas. Each province and district was instructed to set up a command center to manage response and inform the public about ways and means to reduce haze hazards.

They have also been instructed to promote the reduction in burning activities during dry season, work with villages on fire prevention measures and set up funding to support operations.