Chadchart poised as Pheu Thai candidate for new Bangkok Governor if an election is held


BANGKOK, 14 March 2014  The Pheu Thai party is still undecided about the choice of its candidate if there is an election for a new Bangkok Governor. 

Pheu Thai Pary Secretary-General Phumtham Wechayachai said Pheu Thai Party is still waiting for the result of the ruling from the Court of Appeal on whether to nullify the March 3, 2013 Bangkok Governor election .

Pairoj Issaraseripong, a Pheu Thai candidate for Bangkok MP, stated that if indeed the court rules that there must be another gubernatorial election, he himself would suggest current Transport Minister Chatchart Sittipunt as a candidate.

Mr. Pairoj went on to say that the current Minister of Transport has a positive image in the society, especially in the social media — judging from the positive feedback from both Pheu Thai supporters and those on the opposite political spectrum. Therefore, should the Party hold a meeting to pick a Bangkok Governor candidate, he would suggest Chadchart’s name to the meeting.