CCTV camera catches Yala bombing suspects


YALA, April 8 — Police revealed CCTV footage holding images that could lead to the capture of the bombing suspects in four locations in Yala on April 6 that killed one victim and wounded 30 others.

According to police, it is believed that there were at least four suspects in a white Mazda pickup truck which carried an installed explosive device. The truck was parked in front of the Racha Furniture shop.

Moreover, the footage segments also show a suspect riding a motorcycle with a sidecar carrying an ice cream tank, following the pickup truck.

The CCTV camera could capture a clear face of one suspect and police were now searching the photo files to match the suspect.

A car bomb and three other explosions occurred in Yala on Sunday. One was placed in a pickup truck parked at Racha Furniture shop on Siroros Road. The explosion caused a fire that razed more than 10 homes nearby.

The second blast was went off in a motorcycle with sidecar parked at Fa Sai shop, damaging the shop. The third bomb was hidden in a bag and left on a road at the entrance of Mueang Mai market. The last explosion was at an ATM booth in front of the Provincial Electricity Authority of Thailand on Road Number 15. (MCOT online news)