Caretaker PM Yingluck asserts election will resolve conflicts


BANGKOK, Feb 3 – Caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has expressed optimism that all quarters in Thai society will gradually resolve the political problems despite an incomplete general election yesterday.

She said the Election Commission (EC) will have to organise new elections in troubled areas where the polls have yet to be held.

“Though the election process is incomplete, the law will lead to resolutions,” Ms Yingluck said, adding that the Centre for Maintaining Peace and Order would be willing to support the EC in new elections if requested.

Referring to her dropping wrong ballots in two boxes while exercising her rights yesterday, she said she had informed the EC of the mistake and she dropped the ballots following an election official’s recommendation.

A voter is required to cast two ballots – one for party-list MP and the other for constituency MP. The two ballots must be put into two different boxes.

Ms Yingluck dropped the party-list ballot into the box for constituency MP, and vice versa.

In an interview to the foreign media yesterday, the caretaker premier said it was important that people exercise their voting rights under the democratic system.

“Despite ideological conflicts, one of the peaceful resolutions is to listen to the people’s opinions through an election. Though we have yet to get (an) adequate (number of) MPs for the House, it’s a good sign that people wanted an election under the democratic system,” she said.