Cardiac deaths rise significantly in Thailand

Dr. Witoon Pitikueakoon.
Dr. Witoon Pitikueakoon.

Bangkok – A doctor at Bangkok Hospital has advised people to keep fit as the number of cardiac deaths in the nation has risen significantly.

Deputy Director of the Cardiothoracic Surgery Department of Bangkok Hospital, Dr. Witoon Pitikueakoon, has urged Thai people to exercise regularly, get a good night’s sleep and quit smoking as more people become victims of cardiac diseases.

He claimed the number of heart-related deaths is currently as high as those who die from cancer, which is the 2nd biggest cause of death in Thailand. Dr. Witoon said unhealthy eating, stress and smoking can put people at risk of a heart disease, adding that the symptoms could worsen in the summer when the weather is hot.

According to the Ministry of Public Health, more than 58,000 people died from heart diseases in 2014 or an average of 7 people per hour. Cardiac deaths were found more in men aged 40 years old and above compared to women.