Cabinet approves Bt20 billion budget for post flood rehabilitation


BANGKOK, Dec 12 — The cabinet on Monday approved a Bt20 billion budget for post flood rehabilitation of Thailand’s infrastructure and flood victims’ quality of life as Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra emphasized that the agencies concerned to carefully prioritise budget spending.

Government spokeswoman Thitima Chaisang said after a special session of cabinet Monday that a budget of Bt20.11 billion was approved to be spent through January, for post flood rehabilitation of infrastructure and flood victims’ quality of life

Ms Thitima said that the cabinet instructed flood hit provinces to avoid duplicating projects within the ministries and between ministries.

Projects to be implemented will be prioritised to stimulate the economy and the budget will focus on helping flood victims, entrepreneurs, and business establishments to resume their business operations as quickly as possible.

Damaged infrastructure should be quickly repaired, she said.

Ms Yingluck stressed prioritising the rehabilitation projects and to apply the budget effectively to worthy use. She said the projects would not obstruct the permanent water management plan.

She re-emphasised that cabinet ministers and governors of flooded provinces must to speed budget transparently.

An additional Bt20 billion budget is expected to be approved in February.

Meanwhile, Industry Minister Wannarat Channukul said the budget that each agency requested exceeded the existing budget the government could provide now, so budget must be allocated in accordance with project importance and urgency.

The ministry assigned to oversee rehabilitation of the industrial sector has been allocated Bt112.84 million, he said.