Buriram residents hurry to apply for ID cards ahead of senatorial election


BURIRAM 26 March 2014  A recent surge in ID card applications is taking place in Buriram as residents hurry to ready their required IDs for the upcoming senatorial election held on March 30. 

The number of residents who have been changing or applying for new ID cards in the province has increased from 80-100 per day to 150 daily — a noticeable spike according to local officials.

As the senatorial election is to be held on March 30, local residents in Buriram have recently swarmed the central district office to renew or change their ID cards, which are required in the voting process. In response to the demand, the district office will now be providing extra services this coming Saturday and Sunday.

Public relations campaigns have been widely launched in Buriram to promote the senatorial election and urge all those who have the right to vote to participate in the much-anticipated election.