BMTA aims to reduce bus accidents and complaints by 50% in 5 months


BANGKOK, 13 May 2014  – The number of accidents involving buses in Bangkok and the number of passenger complaints lodged against the bus operators will be reduced by 50% within 5 months, according to a new initiative by the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA).

Acting BMTA director Naret Boonpiem on Monday launched a project by the agency to promote safety for bus passengers by having the buses stick to the leftmost lane at all times. The project will take place during the period of May 16 to September 30.

Currently, an average of 300 complaints are lodged against BMTA-operated buses and 800 complaints against privately operated buses. 150 accidents are reported each month.

Aside from the project, the BMTA had also increased the fines on privately-run buses. Offenses pertaining to unsafe driving, staff rudeness and overcharging fares will entail a fine of 200-3,000 baht, instead of the earlier rate of 200-1,000 baht. Accidents caused by under-maintained buses will entail a fine of 5,000 baht, instead of the earlier rate of 3,000 baht. The new rates have already taken effect.